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Beautiful Bully Kennels

Lives in Rural Hall, North Carolina United States ·
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Daina M Jacobson
Gary P Jacobson
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February 13, 2009
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Pit Bull Specifics: Names, Age, Color...
Beautiful Bully's Clash of the Titan: Male DOB 9/26/16 Blue Brindle reverse
Beautiful Bully's Xena Worrier Princess: Female DOB 6/5/17 Blue
Beautiful Bully's La Reina Blanca: Female DOB 1/27/18 White with Merle
Beautiful Bully's Lunatic: Female DOB 9/3/18 Chocolate Bluey Brindle
Beautiful Bully's God of Thunder Zeus 7/23/19 Blue with White markings
Karma: Female Born 8/21/13 Red 901030.

RIP Neera: Female Born: 9/24/12 Chocolate Brindle.
RIP Simba: Male Born 3/12/09 Red Brindle Red nose.
RIP Diesel: Male Born 10/15/11 Black and White
RIP Thor: Male Born 8/21/13 Blue Fawn w/white markings.
RIP Nyla: Female Born 5/17/07 Black Seal w/ white markings
About Me
We have always loved the American Pit Bull Terrier breed. We are looking to better the breed by breeding healthy wonderful American Pit Bull Terriers. We want to help educate people about the APBT, and to learn as much as we can.
Personal Pit Bull Stories
I first APBT was one that I fostered for 5 months. The APBT was named Bella and was one of the best dogs I had ever brought into my home. The owner came back for Bella and I knew I had to get another APBT. It took a lot of time and searching but she finally came across my girl Nyla. Nyla has lived up to standards that Bella had set for her. Nyla was the first dogs that Beautiful Bully Kennels had, and we have high expectations, and like a true APBT she lives up to those demands with flying colors.
My Involvement With Pits
We breed APBT to do service as Therapy Dogs, Family Pets, and Championship. Breeding APBTs has been a dream of ours for years. Beautiful Bully Kennels is making it happen. Our Girl Nyla is a certified therapy dog and works with children with behavior issues. We use her in house with one of our own children.
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We dislike when people see a APBT and automatically think fighting aggressive dog who is going to eat me and my dog or children. We dislike when children see my dogs and want to pet them there parents or guardian quickly grab them and say no as if my dogs where going to eat them.