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Lives in Santa Rosa, New Mexico United States · Born on January 23, 1982
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Tia Wahlea at 23 months!
Keona at 2 1/2 yrs. She is out of Panda Bear and Champion Crush.
This big handsome boy is a red bluie, and is 23 in at the withers and 80 lbs
Champion Crush at almost 4 yrs. What a striking boy and pose!!
Prince at a year old. First time posing. (The shot like this of his sire, Casper was NOT posed, since then I've been trying to get a similar shot)
Cool Casper, RIP. This was taken just days before he died. He was tragically mauled by a cougar and went into shock and died before we could get him to the vet.
Karma jan of 2008, just a couple days after having 7 healthy pups. This dogs drive is out of this world , in EVERYTHING she does.
Panda Bear, RIP baby girl. This big girl is Keona's dam and Prince's grand dam.