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Gambino Blues Apbt Kennels

Lives in CLEVELAND, Ohio United States · Born on April 23, 1976
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April 23, 1976
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June 20, 2018
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January 9, 2016
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Dame Blue Ivy APBR registered, 2yrs old, gray with white strip down chest and on tip of paws,
mother Sara Blue (who is daughter of cuddy but different mother than Sarah) ... father Champ Fawn.

Gambino Blues Kennels are based on my Dam Blue Ivy she's very intelligent, agile, great temperament, posses all features of what a pit bull is she has some (DA) dog aggression but can be controlled all Gambino Blues pups have her blood along with other pit bulls who fit my vision (Sire Gambino Blues' Bull and Sire Weavers' Junior) both registered with the APBR Gambino Blues' kennels will be entering competitions to prove I have great stock in my bloodline
About Me
Gambino Blues A.P.BT. Kennels was founded in 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio. We offer energetic, non human aggressive, healthy, family A.P.B.T. We only sell our pups to approved homes under contract. Gambino Blues A.P.B.T. Kennel is about bettering the breed and the upbringing of this particular breed of dog.
My Involvement With Pits
I train, do shot records, de-worm my pits i believe in properly socializing them my pits are human friendly