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Gina LaMar

Lives in  Colorado United States · Born on February 22, 1975
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Gina LaMar with LaMar's Mile High Kennels
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February 22, 1975
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July 18, 2012
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December 31, 2011
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Mile High Duke~ Sire, 19 months. Flashy Blue Euro-------> Mile High Aspen~ Dam, 2 years 4 months. White with brindle and tan spots true Amstaff--------> and now..... 12 puppies!! 8 females, 4 males!--------> PAST: Coco~ Female Amstaff, Trained service dog for a child in Missouri with cancer. Approx 6 years old now. Flashy Chocolate SPAYED.--------> Star~ Female Amstaff, Trained drug dog with the Douglas County Sheriff's Department. Approx 4 years old. Reverse flashy white/blue.--------> Pearl~ Female English block-head. Trained search and rescue, now with Grand County search and rescue department. Approx 7 years old. White. ^Was originally on Outlaw Alley @ Adams County Shelter^--------> Angel- White female. Trained for "sniffin" at our Denver International Airport working with HSS Security on a daily basis! 7 years old spayed.--------> Monster~ Male Amstaff/Euro. Started training as a therapy dog, ended up with a lady with anxiety. Chocolate Brindle Reverse. INTACT, possible future breeding. Approx 5 years old.-------->
About Me
I am a married mom of 2 wonderful girls. My oldest is 17, youngest is 8. I was recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and it is taking my eye sight. My husband has been training service dogs for years and we were blessed with a friend gifting us a puppy to train for my service dog. Little did we know that he would end up training our Dam as well. So now I have two wonderful service dogs at my side every day. We live in Northern Colorado, and are active in the Pit community up here. Originally we lived in a banned area, but with lots of fighting we were able to get the city to lift the ban as long as you register your pits with the city and pay an annual fee. Yippee! We had our first litter with our current Dam and Sire and they are the smartest pups I've ever seen. I was raised breeding dogs (golden retrievers, yorkshire terriers and Great Danes). So my breeding knowledge stretches over 20 years. I look forward to meeting lots of new people in this Pitty World and hopefully becoming very active with all of you!
Personal Pit Bull Stories
I have so many great personal stories... way to many to list. We are proud of our extended family and it shows in all we do. Our puppies may be rehomed, but they are ALWAYS part of this home!
My Involvement With Pits
Breeding Euro and American quality Pit Bulls and Educating society of the lovable, loyal family dog. ---------------> Also offering service dog training in Colorado and surrounding states. Can be evaluated for service dogs to local law enforcement training.---------------> Certified Kennel.---------------> Reputation and references available.---------------> Proven stud service available, Blue Euro male. Will be 2 in March 2012, frozen semen available @ purchasers expense. Stud fee nego, or possible trade for pick of the litter.
Ignorant people! And Back-Yard Breeders! People that breed their Dams until they are ruined or unhealthy. People that agrue the point that there is only an AMERICAN pit bull terrier, ignoring the FACTS that the "APBT" originated from EUROPE and there is a VERY huge difference between a Euro and American Pit Bull Terrier!