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Lives in Kankakee, Illinois United States · Born on June 16, 1985
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Shavaria Hale
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June 16, 1985
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February 18, 2017
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February 20, 2012
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Pit Bull Specifics: Names, Age, Color...
Right now I have6 males...1 black body with white head and black eared male. One brown body male little white on chest, one brown body male white strp up fave and spot on back of neck and tip of tail. 2 fawn solid body with ehite on chest and up nose other one solid fawn body little white on chest. And 1 blue/sale male. He us very nice to look at.
About Me
Im 31 yrs old now. Experience with this breed for 11 years and breeding for 6 years. Went from 1st litter years ago and they are doing great to 4th litter this year and puppies are still amazing me. I Love this breed and want to help give them a better name.
Personal Pit Bull Stories
Had had this breed for about 6 years now. Love this breed. Loyal and protective, very smart and active. Family and pet friendly. Great pets to have, more like mother family member!
My Involvement With Pits
Experienced owner and breeder.
Fighting and abusing pitbulls.