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Lives in Brighton, Michigan United States · Born on October 25, 1971
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James B
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October 25, 1971
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January 22, 2018
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February 18, 2016
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Rhea is a Tawny Female Purebred Pitt Bull and all Lady. Loves her snacks and is allergic to all poultry, she loves Kale, Tomatoes, Pumpkin and every other fruits and vegetables under the sun. She will be 3 this year January 9th.
Poseidon also allergic to all poultry and will eat anything, food wise, that is in his path. Both of my Babies are registered Emotional Support Animals, they love everyone, Kids, Birds, and little tiny dogs. Our two teacups definitely rule the house.
About Me
Stay at home Dad, Home Maker, and owned by Four Parrots, Two Teacup Chihuahuas, and Two Gorgeous and Gentle Pitt Bulls named Rhea and Poseidon.
My Involvement With Pits
My Husband and I volunteered at a Dog Rescue, then ended up running it. We have seen the stigma that certain breeds, mostly Pitt Bulls, come with. We just couldn't believe what people would do and say about these gorgeous and lovable dogs. Rhea and Poseidon are both self taught and trained as Emotional Support Animals. Amazing dogs and my best friends.
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