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Lives in Tucson, Arizona United States · Born on July 31, 1984
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July 31, 1984
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October 2, 2011
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January 1, 2010
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Female- 2 years- Name is "Queen Shotta"- She is white with blue spots everywhere and some bigger blue patches. Best bitch I'll ever have, for real!!

Male- 8 months- Name is "King Biggs"- All blue with some white on his chest. The white on his chest is also covered with the blue spots.

He's gonna be a beast

Male- 22 months- Name is "Bam Bam"- All blue. I mean everywhere. A real big sweetheart.

Female- 2 months- Name is "Queen Sage"- Blue fawn from the latest litter. (Shotta x Bam Bam) She's the newest addition to our humble home.
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T-Town Bullies is a Certified APBR Kennel. We are dedicated and responsible breeders. Our main goal is to help educate and positively influence new people to the joys of pit bull ownership. Everyone knows that the pit bull is one of the most intimidating dogs, but most people don't know that with the proper discipline and training that pit bulls can be one of the most well behaved and loving dogs, or animals period. Our dogs are bred, first and foremost for their temperment. Our kennel specializes in the Royale Blue Bloodline. Descendants of the Gotti and Old Grey Bloodlines. All of our Dogs and Puppies are APBR registered and come with a 100% health guarantee. The registration paperwork is always paid for by us and ready to go with you and your canine upon purchase/ delivery. We do screen our potential new owners and do ask that you sign an Ownership Contract. We offer our dogs at a very reasonable price to approved homes. Well below what other Kennels of our kind are asking. We hope we have inspired you to help inspire! Please contact us for more information or to answer any questions that you may have. Thanks for viewing our page.
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Dedicated and Responsible Breeders and Fosters =============TTown Bullies - An APBR Certified Kennel==============Operating out of Tucson, Az. Established in 2003
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T-Town Bullies
Dudes that think they got sick dogs cause they're gassing em up with steroids. For real thats like saying Barry Bonds is the greatest athlete of all time. pff