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Teodoro Matta

Lives in Spring Hill, Florida United States ·
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Teodoro Matta
Pit Bull Specifics: Names, Age, Color...
Emma Matta, 2years2 months, red nose.
About Me
I am a dog lover. I have been a dog owner since 1991. Between 2001 to 2005 I had a dog kennel, whère I had the honored of having grand champion Mayday and having as well champion Diesel in my kennel as breeding studs. Now I have taken a different route and I am training a very versitile tracking trail dog ( Emma) that proves to me time and time again that she can handle anything i throw her way. With her you will never get lost in the woods and will always find what your looking for, wheather its wild life, water or your way home. Never gets tired never quits till the task is complete. But, is vesy submissive to a strong stud and shys away, not sure why. In the end she is a great dog to own and have in my new kennel. Emma is great with kids, protector and loyal to my 5 year old daughter. She is also great with small animals. They are truly best friends till the end, no dought about that!
Personal Pit Bull Stories
When I was a kid I fell off a wall into a yard behind an apartment building in the Bronx where it had 6 pit bull guard dog's. When I fell I immediately stood up and I seen these massive dog's running my way I can quite remember what I said but I didn't run and ran to them as they ran to me and all of a sudden they stop and sat down and one came to me and rubbed on my side. When the owner came he could not believe it.his dog's have hurt and hospitalized people in the past almost killing people they hurt them so bad. He thought I was going to be dead . He was yelling telling me I was a idiot I could of got killed and never seen his dog's not attack someone.i was telling luck. So the next day I went back and been involved with pit bulls and was even given a puppy from the owner when I was only 9 year's old. That's when I knew it was my calling.Loved them ever since they spared my life,and they love me too.
My Involvement With Pits
I been working and teaching pit bulls from fright to impulsive control issues and behavior problems and basic obedience . So far I haven't had a dog that I could not find a way to get it to where it needed to be( on its own pace. Every dog is different).I even had the opportunity to work with various kinds of horses. Believe it or not very similar to dog's. As well as working with birds and other animals just so I could know the difference between them and what was similar.
The way people label dog's and don't look at there own actions.