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Amber Starr

Lives in orlando, Florida United States · Born on April 11, 1979
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Amber Starr
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April 11, 1979
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June 25, 2020
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January 11, 2010
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Pit Bull Specifics: Names, Age, Color...
Some of my dogs..
"Donald", huge blue and white boy from Maui and Zen.
"Blackberry", super sweet daughter of Sundae and Tritan.
"Destiny" the ever energetic pocket.
"Tigra" my girl from Tritan and Chevy."Optimus" her son from my boy "Morhpheus" (Destiny/Lil Man).

Haven't been breeding for awhile as I was trying to find more time for the fam. My man "Ronin" (Poseidon/Sonia) decided enough was enough and graciously gifted me an absolutely gorgeous litter with Tigra. Just previous to this "Lil T" (Tritan/Diva) came back into my life after being gone for a number of years. She and Optimus are also proud parents of a new litter. Meanwhile bottlefeeding a litter of orphaned kittens so life is quite chaotic right now!!

I feed my dogs the best, which in MY opinion, is a raw food diet. There are many many benefits to this diet and best of all, the girls love it and are healthier on it! I only purchase quality "human grade" meats that are prepared fresh from a local butcher for my girls.
I also believe that being an effective Pack Leader to your dog is the key to you and your dogs happiness.
Personal Pit Bull Stories
There are truly so so many.. Like the time Lady took a bite for me or the time Tritan barked his head off at the floor and thats where we found the missing dog hidden under the house or there is the time Kong saved us from a convicted felony trying to escape the law by taking a short cut threw our property or how sweet Sissy barked to high heaven until we went outside and noticed the pups had escaped out into the street or... I am positive I have at least 10 stories per dog I have, lol. But for now the newest story I thought was awesome.

We recently welcomed Sayer back home after being gone for several years. Sayer came to us as a young man after changing hands a couple times from questionable environments. We very quickly fell in love with this handsome man but at the time our hands were so full with rescues. He was too beautiful to neuter and we didn't have need for a stud since we weren't breeding much to any at the time. So we worked with him for about six months and found a wonderful couple, Matt and Grace, and it was just a match made in heaven. Well one of the last things Sayer and I had done together before his leaving was planting a garden. I was trying to clear an half acre to plant a corn field and i was also trying to clear an area to have a riding arena but i kept coming to battle against roots. Roots, roots everywhere and i was loosing pretty badly. Sayer used to follow me around and lay beside me chewing on sticks or just hanging out when i got the idea for him to help me. He loves to play fetch so it was quite easy to get him to grab ahold of the stick. He also knew when to hold on or to drop it so we began playing a game of 'Get it out the ground!' Sayer was awesome at the game and I quickly was able to clear the fieldSmile So Sayer was with Matt and Grace for about two years before life decisions forced there hand and they sold him. Well after a series of terrible events at the hand of the new owner, which I won't go into here but I felt no choice but to go and purchase him and bring him back home. So a couple days after he is here, we are just hanging outside together and i think.. do you think it is at all possible for him to remember something after all these years? So we are walking and I bend down and pick up the end of a tree root sticking up. I look at him and he instantly starts wagging his tail and sits down in anticipation. Imagine my delight when I said 'Say Get it out the ground, son!' and he grabbed a hold of it and pulled and pulled til the sucker was out! Just too coolSmile
My Involvement With Pits
Started back in 2004 when we moved to Florida. Someone opened there truck door, shoved out a brindle rednose male and sped off. It took me 45 mins to catch that poor scared boy. He was soo confused! and just ran in circles trying to find his way back to his owner. How can someone be so cruel! I finally got him and took him home and he was just the sweetest thing. I began to wonder about the pitbull stereotype that I had been raised hearing about. Shortly after, this boy found a great home and that was just the start of things to come with me and pitbulls. Since then we have opened our home to over a hundred pitbulls and found them loving forever homes. Due to an incident with one of my horses and an abandoned male pit we have now cut back on doing the rescue but do still open our doors from time to time and when we physically cant we always pass on the word.

. We agree that there are an abundance of unwanted pits/pit mixes out there but we believe that there are not an overabundance of quality pits.. I strive for each breeding to not only better the breed but to be even better than the last. I believe the pure pit is an excellent family dog and in the hands of a responsible owner, they are a breed second to none!
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Stillborns or fading puppies. Always breaks my heart! I feel as though I lost a child of my own. Breathe, Damn It, Breathe!

Idiots who have no clue as to what they are doing and breed just to see what colors there dog will produce or every other stupid reason I have heard. Then they keep a puppy and dont want momma dog anymore, I just cant stand it!

Stupid excuses for why you cant keep your dog anymore. Getting a puppy is a lifetime commitment. Think about these things before you sign up to get a new family member. You can always find a way to keep them if you look hard enough.

Animal abusers, you will get yours one day.