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We live in Florida and we get some really hot days.  Today was a little toastie and my 2 Caine Kids Loved the Plasitc Kiddy Pool.......Hey they our kids too.  So let them get a chance to have pool time.  LOL....

Star our female she loved the pool so much.......Hey you can get the pool at Walmart for only 10-15 dollars then store it away and when you have a female that needs to give birth to a litter of pups use it as a birthing pool.  The plastic is so easy to clean up and disenfect.  We have 2 pools we have one in the yard and one put up for our female Brandy that will have her pups on Saturday June 13 we can't wait we are hoping for some pretty blue babies we will keep you all up to date. "Enjoy the Summer the COOL Way"