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Little did I know that my 20th birthday would set in motion a life changing set of events...... Exactly one week before my 20th birthday a friend of mine came over and showed me his puppy. It was an eight week old pitbull. A little black rat looking dog. I have never been around a pit before but was no way weary of one either. The puppy and I played for hours till my friend needed to go home, he still was yet to show his mother. I made sure he understood that if he could not keep this little jerk puppy to bring him to me. Sure enough, on my birthday he came over and said the puppy was mine.

What now! I didn't know what to do, I have had dogs prior but a pit bull. What have I got myself into. The only things I have ever heard about pit bulls are that they eat people. "Not this one" I said to myself. The next 3-4 days I found every bit of information I could regarding my playful little man eater, from the internet, book stores, and the only owner I could find.

He went everywhere with me, after all I wanted him to like people. We went to the store, blockbuster, driving, the park, the vet, the lake, the snow, my friends house, on dates, the drive ins, you name it. If people told us to leave or gave us attitude or anything we just ignored them. After all I was a punk 20 yr old.

All this was the first months............... 

Potty training was a breeze, so was everything else. He sat, he would lay down, crawl, bang (play dead like you have never see), stand, dance, kill stuffed animals and plastic bottles, you name it. He was great.

We went on walks, thats when I realized how the world saw these amazing creatures. People would actually run across the street when we were seen. My dog had done NOTHING! Yet no one would get near him. I actually yelled at people, which didn't help. After five years of dirty looks and blantent fear, I grew some tough skin. 

I got used to the fact that the only people that appriceated what a wonderful dog i had were; the mailman and UPS man, who came to the door and became friends with Gauge, Stupid punk kids who thought because they say a pit bull in a rap video that they were cool, and a few OLDER men, who probably remembered Sgt. Stubby ( the most decorated war dog in U.S. History) or Petey ( You all know who Petey was).