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MVP K9 Supplements the new leader in animal health and nutrition now brings an innovative line of products that will amplify your canine’s health and development.

* Formula M.A.S.S. Weight Gainer is the most advanced product available to help maintain the weight of all classes of canines without subjecting it to the stresses of unnecessary over feeding.

* Recommended For:
-Weight Gain or weight stability
- Maintaining musculature
- Supports skin and coat
- Quicker recovery following exertion

Formula M.A.S.S. Combines:Amino Acids, Chromium, Creatine, KPx Brand Colostrum, Lecithin, Multi-patented DMG and
Multi-patented GlutaSyn Brand Whey Protein Isolate

Formula M.A.S.S. Supports:Endurance, Lean muscle mass, Muscle definition, Muscle development, Muscle energy, Muscle integrity and Muscle recovery after workouts

* Best In Show multi-vitamin is a complete multi-vitamin/mineral formula with digestive enzymes for dogs of all ages and breeds.

Best In Show FUTURE STAR is a full spectrum multi-vitamin/mineral formula that provides needed support for a healthy, growing puppy.

Best In Show FUTURE STAR for Puppies Supports:
- Bone health
- Correcting dietary deficiencies
- Digestive support
- Growth and longevity
- Skin and coat health
- Young puppies of large breeds during rapid growth periods.
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