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This is crazy. I'm so sick of seeing more and more kennels that produce game style dogs that are actually dog fighting....especially the well known game lines. It's sick. I just can't believe that in this video he seriously said, "the best day of her life" ..... really? WTF is wrong with you.
I'm also sick of seeing big time breeders that keep their dogs on chains all the time....
If you don't have enough kennels then you shouldn't have that many dogs... not if they have to be chained up on huge, heavy chains all day, every day.
If you don't have the time to give food, fresh water, training, medical attention when needed, preventatives, and love to every dog... then don't own that many just for breeding purposes, money, and to make yourself a name. 
Seriously, it really isn't that hard to do things the right way without neglecting your dogs physically and/or emotionally.
That video just really made me angry and this sure is the right place for my ranting and raving.