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Kinda mad about this. Nothing has been going on for months. I feel bad because it was an idea I mentioned that I had seen on another site and thought it would be something fun to do here on PBS. Tatabubs decided to take charge because I personally didn't know how to accomplish this myself as I've never made a calendar and didn't know how much it would cost, etc.
I didn't know it was going to be a $2.00 monthly entry. Although $2.00 is not very much, we had to spend that money on other necessities instead and was only able to enter 1 month. I'm not frustrated at the $2.00 we lost.... but more frustrated at the fact that other members on here had entered every month or numerous months for apparently no reason. I feel that a lot of people have been taken for their money and won't see it or a calendar.
I know that a lot of people want a calendar contest and at the end of the yr would like a calendar. I'm not sure if there is time for this or not but APBR proposed a FREE online photo contest before the other one had started, and that the winning dogs pics could be set up in calendar format and a link would be posted. The whole set up would be fun and completely free as people would click on the link and print the calendar at home. I do not know why this proposed idea was not sought after and why a different route was taken and abadoned. I'm sure if anyone wants to take charge of this... it would still be possible. I myself would like to be involved but do not want to be the person in charge.
I guess I just felt like ranting about it because it bothers me that so many people entered and aren't being refunded. Nothing about this has been mentioned and I feel it is about time that something gets said since sooooo many people are wondering what's going on and no one knows anything other then there's been no contest.