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Onyx has hair loss on her sides and dry, scaley bumps that also do not have hair.
We believe the bumps may be from fleas because she usually gets them when it is about time for a new dose of Frontline Plus.
Occassionally she'll have a bump that has fluid in it... appears white before popped and once popped is clear.
I know that this is not good and can be many many things but is probably a skin infection from having a weakened immune system from being on prednisone (we just recently have taken her off of prednisone... wahooo!)
Anyways, we bought some Nu-Stock today from all the good things we've read about it... we thought we'd give it a try before paying for a vet exam, going through test and treatments, etc.
My question is how do you use the Nu-Stock in this situation?
Obviously we're going to bath her first and let her dry like it says to do.
But do we lather it on her sides where all the hair loss is and the bumps..... or just spot treat it on every bump?
Also wondering if anyones dog has ever had a bad reaction to it?
A good reaction (please share your story)?
Can we give her the Frontline dose and use Nu-Stock at the same time?