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Found this dog roaming in front of our gma and gpas house. He's skin and bones Unhappy
We gave him some much needed water and 1 cup of watered down food to hold him over for the ride to the next town over.
He's extremely underweight, you could feel every bone in his body.... including his entire skull. His eye was so full of bugers... we thought at first that his eye was missing... and his other eye has a catarac(sp?). His fur was starting to mat in some areas too. His hips and nub of his docked tail had no fur from sitting/laying and were callosed(sp?) over.
We stopped by Safe Haven to see if they could take him in, but they could not. We had to take him to Dog Control, but Safe Haven called and told Dog Control that they're willing to help him out and take him in to help fix him up if he doesn't have any underlying medical issues (such as colapsed liver or kidneys, etc).
Best of luck to the rescue pooch.
We were happy to take him off the streets.
Even if he has to be euthanized, at least he got some love, water and a lil' food first and wasn't alone.