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Ok facebook friends, I need help. I have a personal friend who months back had to give up one of her dogs due to him and the other male getting into fights. He was a total sweetheart though, even then. Just a very hyper boy at barely over a year and in need of some training. He is a neutered male red/rednose American Pitbull Terrier. He is purebred, I know the parents. She gave him to a rescue organization who placed him in a foster home for training. Once he reached his potential there, she took him back and sent him to a trainer for socialization in a pack scene, which he passed with flying colors. He is now living with the rescue organizations leader and gets along with her pack from an 8lb chihuahua to an 80lb male American Pitbull Terrier. She says he is the most well grounded dog she has, and is very affectionate and loving. He needs a forever home. I have included a pic of him when he was first given up, and I'm sure he's filled out since then. She is going to take some updated pics and send them to me. There is an adoption process as with all adoption organizations and she says a donation would help but the main goal is finding him a wonderful home. I told her most my friends on here are located all across America and she says that is fine and arrangements can be made for transport. Please contact Lana  for more info. His name is Duke.

ok, it wont le add any pics, but you can go on the website and see him