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Thread: $215 Reward
Unfortunately, many registries and labs have misled the public as to the real value and abilities of such DNA testing simply to get their money. Such DNA testing CAN NOT determine purity or lineage. The only thing such tests can really do is verify lineage and even then is subject to error due to inbreeding and other close relationships.

So, in a nutshell, a person will only find such a test of value if they have a female that has been impregnated by a known set of prospect males. Each of the prospect males must first be tested and then the pups and then the results compared to tell which of the prospect males is, in fact, the real father.

Other than the above situation people should save their money as tey will not otherwise be getting what they were led to believe.

APBR Smile

Would we as members be able to test our dogs blood to other dogs who have been dna profiled?? I'm sure a lot of us would like to know that question.
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