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it is said to create your own bloodline, you must inbreed and linebreed, is this true? If so, can you get your dogs registered if you do so?
Ahmad Crofton
Righteous Kennel
To create your own bloodline, you need at least 4 to 5 generations (from what I am told)of ancestors to be recognized as your bloodline. Inbreeding and linebreeding have been used. Consistency is key!!! There are certain traits seen with each bloodline that make it unique.

Just because you have a bloodline, does not mean you can register your dog, depending on the organization.
A registry is used for one purpose only and that is to keep track of your ancestors. Some registries, such as ADBA and UKC, and even AKC have very strict rules for registering your dog. 'Easy' registries, such as APBR, CKC, and a few others will register your dog without ancestor history.
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