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Posted On:
October 2, 2012
Posted By:
United States
» New Mexico
I have a 22 month (1 yr 10 month) male APBT that is the son of our foundation male Champion Crush that is 24 inches at the withers and 85+ lbs and still maturing every day. His head is 22 inches. He is a stunning animal, I have never seen such great conformation on a dog, any breed. He is on point from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail. He is EXTREMELY high drive for the springpole and can also jump extremely high to reach it. He is able to twist and flip in mid air too, unlike alot of dogs that just jump straight up. I am looking to rehome him for free as long as its to someone that is going to work him and put some time into him. I think he would do good at any sport. No kids under 10 as he is not socialized with them and he is way too big and active to risk it. Maybe after whoever gets him puts more time into him and socializes him more. I live in the boonies so its almost impossible for me to get him around enough people. My email is and I can send LOTS of great pics upon request. My name is Dee, his name is Riddick.