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Lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States · Born on April 29, 1981
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Terrence K. Cromartie
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April 29, 1981
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June 28, 2011
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June 30, 2009
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We have 1 reverse blue boy who is rounding 3 He, one hell of a stud His name is Yukon. We have a blue/w whte markings she is 4 her name is Jayda also a choclate blue male he is now 12mths when he's ready he will be one hell of a stud also. We have Egypt who is a red fawn bluie she a great bitch to have. We also have two well engineered pups male and female who are both 4 mths of age now from different litters.
About Me
I am a peron who has been dealing with the magnificent breed for some time now, But now that I've seen blues My partner and I have been going down south and up north. To get some of the best lines out there to speak. I just strive for greatness, in the pedigree and more to say. So just Know when We drop litters It's one You would like a piece of.
My Involvement With Pits
I am a Breeder who Deals with Blue Pits Who strives for greatness.
My main dislike is when People take the breed for granite and do otherwise .Also When People try there hardest just to compete who has the best dog as long as you have a pit you do have the best breed of dog point blank