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Gambino Blues'kennels has produced fine specimens of the Pit Bull breed. Ms. Missy and Hennessey are fed a Barf diet of 80% meat, 5% fruits/vegetables, 10% organ, mixed with Eggs (shells included) and Oatmeal, and once a week leg quarters and once a week whole fish. We've been going straight walks as well as Hills, stair climbing is also part of training a long with running, and jump training, soon we will implicate weight pull training, our goal is to enter and win awards for Gambino Blues Kennels and establish our dogs as good working stock. At now only 6 months you can look at the physical condition of the pups on my page to see they are fit and they haven't even started filling out, they are lean, strong and love to compete with a lot of stamina and energy they are built to win