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want you to give your dog this test today.

Its a test to see how well he "Listens" to you.

But I gotta warn you.

He's not going to pass.

Not unless you already are a master of dog obedience
training and no how to get your dog to listen.

So here it goes.

I want you to go in a room with your dog, a room with
no distractions, so no little kids running around or

And I want you to lay down on the floor, face up and
say these magic words, "[add your dog's name], SIT!"

Go ahead.

Stop reading this email right now and go try it.

I'll wait for you...

Then try it sitting on the floor facing your dog, then
turned away.

Then stand and turn away.

Then leave the room and give the command out of sight.

And no cheating, you're not allowed to ask for a
sit more then once.

If you have to ask more then once you're doing
something I call "Cue Erosion" which is a big No, no.

Not to mention a GREAT way to train your dog to ignore

So seriously, go give that test a try right now and
then come back for the rest.

So how did your dog do?

If it makes you feel any better, I failed that test
HARD the first time I tried it.

So if you failed it to, it's ok.

However, it does mean that you are training your dog
the wrong way.