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Posted On:
February 22, 2010
United States
Camo is an exquisite Blue Merle Pit Bull with a 10 generation depth pedigree. A detailed Family Profile can be seen through our profile as well as some training videos of her in action.

Candidates will be thoroughly screened for eligibility determination.

To be considered a candidate must be a disabled veteran and such disability must be one that could be assisted by a Service Dog.

Disabilities may be in the form of physical such as in mobility issues and/or may be in the form of psychological such as in the form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for example.

Additional criteria for final consideration will be the applicants ability to provide ongoing care, additional support available to applicant, willingness to partake in ongoing follow-up and updates on progress, willingness to participate on public service and marketing campaigns aimed at promoting Pit Bull as Service Dogs, etc.

A Service Dog Certificate will be provided to the final owner to help protect them against any breed specific legislation that may exist in their area. Additional legal assistance will also be provided if any legal action is necessary to protect the individual applicants rights under the American’s With Disabilities Act.

Final determination will be based on compatibility of Camo to meet the needs of the final applicant of choice. Advanced training will include activities aimed specifically at the individual needs of the final recipient.

Only qualified applicants need apply but others who may also face disability issues are welcome to contact us for future Pit Bull Service Dog placement.

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