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Posted On:
September 13, 2009
Posted By:
United States
» Tennessee
» gallatin
We lost our lil girl Twilight who was 6 months old, she was fine at 5:00pm then at feeding time 7:00 she was near death!! vets were closed! and at 10:52pm she died in her daddys arms in the dinning room!! She will be missed very much!! she was a great puppy and a good girl!!

We love you Twilight and miss you!!!

After calling the vet the next morning i was informed there is a new a new stran of Parvo! in which takes only 12 hour to hit and kill the puppy. it effects puppys 5-10 or 11 months of age. The current vac for parvo doesnt protect dogs from this stran, which the stran has change and dev diff from the normal stand!! but doesnt spread as bad or as quickly as the normal stran!!! SO PLEASE WATCH YOUR DOGS AND PUPPIES!!!