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Thread: $215 Reward

Some people have attacked the APBR for being an open registry as they say we accept any dog and claim these Pits to be impure. They justify their statements of ignorance/unfair bias by saying they know this because some of the Pit Bulls we register do not have a proven lineage. They further defended other registries that are not open registries such as the ADBA and UKC yet they fail to recognize ALL registries at one time were open registries and all registries that register Pit Bulls have Pit Bulls with unknown lineage. The list below represents a small portion of these Pits from other registries.

If you can provide a copy of an original pedigree from a recognized registry that documents any of the following Pit Bull/Am Staffs and at least one extra generation we will provide you a FREE Family registration [2 adult Pits + Litter] + FREE Kennel Certification + up to an 11 Generation APBR Super Pedigree of both registering parents *if qualified.

If you meet this qualification just message us and we will be happy to provide details on how to submit the pedigree and claim your prize package worth up to $215.

Banuelo’s Patriot Missle
Ward’s Cocoa Bear
'PR' Braden's Fefe
'PR' Lucky Dog (Sire of ‘PR’ Cowboy’s Mighty Destiny)
Chain Gang's Red Zowie
Luna's No Savage Red
Guenther's Warpaint
Van Dyke's Snap On McCoy
Bellflower's Rocky
Mercados NaHo
Williams Mac (Sire of Ambers Sweet Candy)
Chain Gang's Blu Cotton
Pharr’s Cleo
Crudo's Kanto Tant
Barba's Red Widow
Kimmar's Howitzer
Wassuc Farm's Maggie Mae
St. Benedict's Nathan
Agrela's 'CH' China Girl
Heidi McCarthy (dam to Lady Sheba Bad #$@! Bull)
M's Lindsey Of The Cove
Mc Carthy's Rose
Kingston's White (dam to Moorhead's Jack Tank I)
Kinder's Samantha
'PR' Ziggy Stardust (dam to Reynoso's Chick)
Parker's Tiger Wood
Corpus Ginger
Frias' Xena Roxie
Bolan's Dark Shadow
Bolan's Spike R
Lane's Athena
Owen's Hitler
Owen's Hanna
Holt's Whitehead
'PR' Aguilar's Samantha
Throop's Peatie II
Tracy Throop
Rodriguez' Bubba Smith
Coke's Rockford Nigel
Coke's Hildagarde
'PR' Segura's Pig Boy
'PR' Segura's Bonnie-B
'PR' Achaea's Yohan Ted Son
Benedict's Brandy Bruiser
Nichol's Cocoa
Ingel's Little Ms. Temptress II
'PR' Quest's Rhino Blue
Tampos' Blue Kapu Boy
Lokelani's Blue Widow
Sasselli's Storms Rocky
Sasselli's Grapevine Shena
May's Oz Zeus
Webb's Liza Jane
Burch's Brutus Budkus
Burch's Princess Sugar
Parson's Scrapper
Parson's Shining Star
Tallman's Go Buck
Person's Ninja
Royce's Consomme Red
Klemp's Suzy
Kimmar's Stasia Natta
Ayer's Sampson (Sire Of Ross' Ulysses)
Ayer's Nicki (Dam Of Ross' Ulysses)
Maverick's Flash Of Little Oak
Majestic's Bruiser
Sprouse's Candy
Aultman's Damien
Wray's Blinda Lynn
Newberry's Tazmanian Devil
Newberry's Touch Of Class
Aultman's Cotton
Crawford's Brenda
Lafferty's Dyn-O-Mite
Glanton's Sher Ami
Charley's Max (Sire Of Sweeten's Mandy)
Kehr's Glory Bee
Goforth's Petey
Roberson's Jake (Sire Of Ashley's Sneaky Pete and Diane's Tuff Stuff)
William's Mandy (Dam Of Ashley's Sneaky Pete and Diane's Tuff Stuff)
Groome's Sammy
Jack Daniel Old VII (Sire Of 'PR' Chief Krazy Bear)
Cooper's Sue (Dam Of 'PR' Chief Krazy Bear)
'PR' Achaea's Sir Magnum
Achea's Miss Fresno
Shaw's Harley (Sire Of Shaw's Zeus)
Warden's Jasper
Warden's Dixie Bell
Waymire's Mo Brandy
Jones' Ms. Sexy Sadie
Allen's Rusty Lee
Jody's Sadie Rose
'PR' Swafford's Jocko
Sentinel's Art Bree
Throop's Peatie II
Tracy Throop
Rodriguez' Bubba Smith
Coke's Rockford Nigel
Coke's Hildagarde
'PR' Segura's Pig Boy
'PR' Segura's Bonnie-B
'PR' Lucky Dog (sire of 'PR' Cowboy's Mighty Destiny)

The 11 Generation APBR Super Pedigree is over 8 times larger than the largest 7 generation ADBA/UKC pedigree available and is the largest printed pedigree of any registry in the world. Compared to their 7 generation pedigrees, which show up to 255 Family relationships our 11 Generation Super Pedigree shows up to an astounding 2,047.
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