$ 1,000.00 USD
Delta Blue Kennels
Posted On February 12, 2013
Get in with my studs before they reach champion CH & GRCH levels. pre sale on my studs.
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Studs available next month. They will be 9 months old and around 100 lbs. Both train each day and compete in dog shows. The higher there rank the higher the value I will charge for stud fees. This onl... View More
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Delta Blue Kennels
i want to stud for first pic female puppy.
Like February 13, 2013
DareDevil Pits
Can you please send me pics and registries for both males please?
Like March 2, 2013
Delta Blue Kennels
Just posted a new pic. Whats your email address? Send it to me in a message on here. Im making an obedience video too. Also I really want to wait until there 1 so 4 more months. Research is key and I found out best times. Males anything over a year and females should be 3rd heat gab between heats fo... View More
Like March 2, 2013
Katelyn Hayes
Hey I'm interested in breeding my dog
Like August 21, 2022
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