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Courtney Shepherd

Courtney Shepherd

Female. Lives in Zanesville, Ohio, United States. Born on February 3, 1983.
About Me
Me and my fiance, own three blue female pits, one that is 4 and two sisters that are 2 years old. Ou... View More
Personal Pit Bull Stories
Any one who talks bad about this breed breaks my heart! It's all based on the people that own and ra... View More
My Involvement With Pits
Breeding, enjoying, and loving mine!
People who talk bad about the breed!
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Courtney Shepherd and Larry Lewis
Pit Bull Specifics: Names, Age, Color...
DyeYah- age 4 who is a tri colored Blue Dolchae Thorn- age 2 who is blue and white DyNahsti Azul-... View More
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Courtney Shepherd
<SPAN style="FONT-FAMILY: Monotype Corsiva; FONT-SIZE: 14pt" jQuery1315452864151="144"><STRONG>Sure has been a while since I've been on my site, been a busy summer, but I'm going to try and get it upd... View More
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Courtney Shepherd
updated her profile information.
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Kecia Fitts
<STRONG><SPAN style="FONT-FAMILY: Monotype Corsiva; FONT-SIZE: 14pt">Welcome to the site, hope you enjoy as much as I do! Your pit is beautiful! </SPAN></STRONG>
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