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Mz. Fury's Blue's

Mz. Fury's Blue's

Female. Lives in Brooklyn, Michigan, United States. Born on January 5, 1980.
About Me
Hi my name is Jessica I'm 30.... what can I say I love my pits... we breed, rescue and place, and al... View More
Personal Pit Bull Stories
My first pit was a brendal female we purchased from a house with a puppy sign out front. After six m... View More
My Involvement With Pits
Breeder and pit rescue, pit rehabilitation, pit sitting, and avid lover of the breed. I only dog sit... View More
Breed Specific Bans.... I had a little taco bell dog... and this thing could not be left alone with ... View More
Pit Bull Specifics: Names, Age, Color...
PR "Ravens Fury" Blue Female 76lbs PR "Heisman Trophy Lil Mz. Grace" 9 month Blue Fawn 85 lbs PR "Dr... View More
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Mz. Fury's Blue's
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